Best Mountain Bike Buying Guides and Reivews

Best Mountain Bike

In case you are interested in the latest mountain bike, I think you will need some helpful advice for you.

In addition to all of the various brands offered, there are a variety of different components and aspects that you need to consider.

Although some people may believe that mountain biking could initially different from the others in a number of different ways, they are much more than just outward appearance.

To be able to ensure you get a mountain bike that suits your budget and needs, you need to think a lot of things before you shop seriously.

By describing their different types and components, this article will help you find new mountain bikes that are locked for different budgets and considerations.

When you finish reading this article, I believe you will get the best buying information, and there may even be many practical suggestions.

Let’s first review why you need to know the mountain bike you need to buy.

First of all, I will list our current fave mountain bikes according to different budget levels and types. However, due to the price of the top quality mountain bike in the range of about $ 4000-5000, only a small number of people are willing to purchase. So here I only list the best mountain bikes for most people’s choices.

# Around $ 2,000

If your budget is about two thousand dollars, the following two are the best mountain bikes in this price range:

#1 BEIOU 650B bikebon fiber mountain bike

BEIOU 650B bikebon fiber mountain bike

If you are willing to spend about 2000 dollars to buy a mountain bike, you must come with the requirements and expectations. Then this BEIOU 650B bikebon fiber mountain bike must be the first choice you that can not miss.

This mountain bike has a premium bikebon fiber frame filled with many high-end parts. Therefore, this mountain bike can be said to be the perfect cross-country race equipment, whether it is a flat road or a difficult trail, can give full play to its advantages. It can be said that it is a top mountain bike. Choose it and you will have the most extreme experience of riding in the wild.

For a good mountain bike, the framework is everything. The bike uses Toray T800 bikebon fiber material, the rear of the bike has a suitable curvature, and the BEIOU 650B bikebon fiber mountain bike in its high stress point also increased the intensity. In addition, this mountain bike in addition to the framework of bikebon fiber frame, the seatposts and handlebars are used with the same frame material, BEIOU saddle design also provides the human body in driving a very good buffer. So, not only is the bike light weight (less than 24 pounds in its own weight), it’s also very cohesive in appearance, so it is very labor-saving and cool.

With an introduction to the frame, I have to talk about this BEIOU 650B gear system and drivetrain as this is the most exciting part of the bike apart from the frame. The 650B is equipped with 30 total gear positions, a Prowheel integrated crankset, and a Sunrace MTB biketridge. The skilful application of the Shimano Deore 610 technology to the gearshift allows you to control exactly these 30 total gears precisely and perfectly. In addition, the drivetrain of this bike will be perfect for you, thanks to the integrated sub-plate and cassette.

The combination of wheels and tires on this mountain bike is very subtle, with the RT 27.5 “wheels fitted with Maxxis tires, which not only provide multipurpose size profiles for bicycles but also help provide additional speed measurements for the 650B. Ideal for competitive off-road racing, it offers the bike a more significant competitive advantage during the race.

BEIOU 650B is definitely not an affordable bike, but its performance will not let you down. Its brake components can be configured according to the frame size you obtained. The 17 “model uses Shimano M355 brakes, while the 19” models use the Tektro HD-M285 hydraulic disc brakes. But whether it’s a Shimano M355 brake or a Tektro HD-M285 hydraulic disc brake, both brakes give you enough braking power while driving to keep driving and your life safe.

The above is my personal introduction to this BEIOU 650B bikebon fiber mountain bike. I believe that having a high performance mountain bike must be the dream of every lover of the wild. Within this price range, it is definitely worth the money you deserve.

#2 Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This DIAMONDBACK ATROZ mountain bike in 2000 dollars in this range, it is second only to BEIOU650B bikebon fiber mountain bike. Although this bike can only be considered a runner-up, but if I have so much money and ready to start a mountain bike, I will be very interested in buying this bike. Someone will ask why? Believe me the following introduction will give you a good answer.

Often, the framework determines performance. This bike features a fully suspended frame, which is a real challenge for a typical mountain bike, but for DIAMONDBACK ATROZ this is a piece of cake. Although it is said that this mountain bike suspension structure will be in the kind of over-riding rebound, but DIAMONDBACK ATROZ is completely different from other suspension structure mountain bike. The Atroz center of this bike is its docking aluminum frame with a perfect geometry, and this aluminum frame also provides the bike with the right total weight. Therefore, the bike has the suspension structure will become the advantage of this bike. Suspension structure for the bike in the maneuver there is room for maneuver, it provides a lot of shock absorption. Especially when driving the small turntable and the area, the bike’s structure makes the bike responsive, flexible and easy to use.

This bike uses RockShox technology, mainly used in the bicycle rear and front suspension. The 120 mm stroke of the Recon silver coil vibrates easily to absorb the top amount of impact, while the Monarch R air movement seamlessly removes annoying noise from the vehicle in motion.

In terms of the appearance of this mountain bike, the smooth surface makes it visually pleasing, and the smooth surface area also increases pedal efficiency. Its seat features a Diamondback Sync’r saddle, a 45mm extension of aluminum trimmed seating, which gives cyclists unimaginable comfort and agility while riding.

It is noteworthy that: DIAMONDBACK ATROZ with its unique design, amazing control and handling capabilities, and it will not reduce shock and vibration characteristics of the rich race, creating a suspension structure mountain bike special. Therefore, this mountain bike gear power system and braking system is naturally excellent. The perfect gear ratio, coupled with a speed-controlled NX box, allows riders to easily manage 11 different speeds for this mountain bike. And can be very handy on regular walking trails. The combination of the SL 27.5 “wheels and the Kenda Nevegal Lite tires adds a lot of advantages to the bicycle’s shape and longevity, coupled with the Tektro Gemini hydraulic disc brakes, which perfectly guarantee the bicycle’s braking system Great Advantages Whether you start or stop your brakes, you get incredible productivity gains.

If you want to buy a very rare mountain bike, this suspended structure DIAMONDBACK ATROZ must be the elite in the high-end. Although it looks like a regular bike, you must not forget that it is definitely a competitive race bike. I believe if you dig deeper, you will love this bike.

# Around $ 1,000

Mountain biking for around $ 1,000 is also a good option for those more expensive mountain bikes. You do not have to spend a higher price to have a very professional mountain bike, why not do it. If you want to go to the market to buy, you will find the right number of mountain bikes in this price range amazing. But personally, I recommend DIAMONDBACK OVERDRIVE 29 and BEIOU TORAY T700 CARBON FIBER both. Both types of bicycles are more suitable for cycling or racing.

#1 Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

Why I will be the car as the first recommendation of this grade bike, mainly because of its universality. At the current price point, models with a 29-inch wheelset are becoming more and more common in use, and the increase in size allows for better handling of smaller obstacles and helps speed efficiency during driving. The DIAMONDBACK OVERDRIVE 29 is the most outstanding of these models. Not only is it within the best price range, it is also a blend of aggressive frame design and high-quality components. This bike ensures a minimum ride for cyclists and enables efficient cycling at reasonable and steady prices.

The DIAMONDBACK OVERDRIVE 29 features an overdrive powertrain consisting of hand-crafted 6061-T6 aluminum hard-ends and Shimano-branded components that not only handle difficult routes and repeated collisions, but also use larger tires And when the wheel, but also to riders to provide the appropriate location. In the meantime, Overdrive’s powertrain offers cyclists 24 different speeds, giving riders more options as they climb, descend or cross flatter sections. The SR Suntour suspension fork makes the Overdrive 29 a reliable stroke in impact situations, does not consume too much pedal power, produces less steering and is perfect for riding off-road enthusiasts.

In addition, this mountain bike tire and braking system can not be ignored. The bicycle size is provided by Schwalbe. This set of 29-inch tires gives the mountain bike more traction and non-slip control. Coupled with Tektro’s braked disc brakes, the bike offers high responsiveness and low maintenance, making it easy to control no matter what road it is in.

If you just want such a mountain bike, do not miss it. Not only is it an upgraded version of the entry mountain bike, it is definitely a series of experienced riders who want to manage it.

#2 BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

BEIOU TORAY T700 carbon fiber bicycle in a high-quality carbon fiber mountain bike is definitely a good inexpensive existence. It is not only cost-effective but also very affordable. It is suitable for most riders who like to ride.

As soon as you hear the name of this mountain bike, you can easily guess its material – carbon fiber. Often, manufacturers at this price generally tend to combine affordable carbon fiber frames with inferior parts, except for the bike. Although the price of a bike is enough for a thousand dollars, it is just like the BEIOU650B mentioned earlier. It is also made of Toray’s carbon fiber material.

The T700 mountain bike uses a well-designed, durable carbon fiber frame, and the bicycle seatposts and handlebars are carbon fiber. The use of this lightweight material not only helps to reduce weight but also gives the bike the perfect elasticity. Compared with other carbon fiber models, cyclists can not only get the perfect visual appearance of the bicycle, but also gain a considerable weight advantage.

Because of the price advantage, is bound to cause other parts of the non-gorgeous, but only limited to its wheel set. This mountain bike wheel set overall non-gorgeous, but stiffness, durability and traction are just right. Bicycle wheels in 26-inch size, made by the sunrise. Bicycle wheels are used Ruitai M200. Both the gearshift and gear components come from Shimano’s Altus range for a total of 27 gears, providing ample gear selection for any situation. The bike’s suspension is provided by the GTMRK 330 hydraulic fork. The bike’s fork easily traverses obstacles and rugged terrain when cyclists need precise steering while riding, without leaving the rider feeling dull and unresponsive. In addition, this carbon fiber bicycle is equipped with BEIOU disc brakes, which in turn give the bicycle enough braking force and control so that the bicycle brake lever will not be over-tensioned, reducing the riders in the riding system the danger of moving in the process of the possibility.

Overall, however, it is clear from these details that despite the manufacturers’ lack of money on the BEIOU T700, they are still trying to create a high-quality mountain bike. T700 Bike It offers all the benefits of a carbon fiber mountain bike while still impressive in every detail. At this point alone, the car is still worth buying for riders.

# Around $ 500

If you are a riding enthusiast, but the money in your hand is relatively limited, the two mountain biking around $ 500 must pay attention to, perhaps one of them will be your good choice. Believe me, these three bicycles are definitely not a class you buy at a department store, and they are all examples of quality and low price.

#1 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This bike as the first choice for quality and cheap mountain bike, I certainly have reason to convince you.
First of all, this GRAVITY FSX 1.0 bike is a race-biker bike with no problems on the downhill or on the other road. It is completely a legitimate full mount mountain bike. It is a versatile rugged mountain bike.

The GRAVITY FSX 1.0 bike is moderately weight and acceptable in a public bike. The entire bike has a very large number of brand components, clever design of various components and aesthetics is one of the greatest value of this mountain bike. The bike uses a hydroformed aluminum frame with flawless solder joints and provides reinforcement and strength in all the right areas. The weight of a bicycle is about 26 pounds, which is not too light, but it is definitely not a hindrance. The FSX 1.0 bicycle suspension consists of Suntour vibrations that can be adjusted both front and back. The seatpost of the GRAVITY FSX 1.0 is made of hydroformed aluminum alloy, just like the bodywork, and the bike has a very comfortable saddle, ideal for cycling or mountain biking. At the same time, because of its proper hardness, it is more efficient to step on the road and the steering accuracy is higher, making it a delightful ride.

As many people care about the gear system and tire braking, the same GRAVITY FSX 1.0 bike combination of people impeccable. The entire bicycle gear system consists of Shimano components and the brake system is controlled by a Tektro Novela disc brake. The Shimano EFT transmission is light-weight and durable and reliable for bike riding. Disc brake control, which plays a very important role in driving and braking the FSX 1.0. The 24-speed system of this car, all the gear components in place, can create an impressive rate and coverage during riding. Despite the lack of personal feeling that the mountain bike is not a bit lacking in the traction area of the tire, the performance of the tire is of sufficient coverage and durability to withstand small punctures and pinch injuries in these low-priced mountain biking ranks Had been very rare.

In general, mountain biking in this price range is almost impossible to provide a full hanging bike at such a low price. GRAVITY FSX 1.0 bike is definitely the authoritative entry-level full suspension mountain bike, this must not be wrong.

#2 Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26

MERAX FINISS bike This mountain bike at this price is an affordable hard-tailed mountain bike. Although it’s hard to get the look and feel of the hard-tailed mountain bike to work with, this MERAX FINISS bike will do it for you.

If you love riding but do not have a lot of savings, the car is a mid-range bike in a mountain bike. Although most of the time for the mountain bike, this car can only be considered a beginner level, but this bike can definitely do a project upgrade. Not only does it offer the easiest route to begin with, it can run some of the toughest routes like most mid-level mountain bikes, and it does not make you feel reluctant.

MERAX FINISS bike frame is made of aluminum alloy frame, because the material relationship, this frame is not heavy, but also not like other bicycles in this price range looks as cheap. The car as a whole is modest weight, sensitive and out of the other heavy mountain bike feeling.

The seatpost of this bike is adjustable with easy-to-use fixtures and the saddle on the seatpost is not as common as the usual bicycle saddles. Saddle overall comfortable and durable, height adjustment easy and easy to implement.

The MERAX FINISS bike gear system is made up of a variety of Shimano components that provide sufficient coverage for bicycles smoothly, quickly and accurately. The bike looks stress-free whether it climbs on a steep hill or on a longer, flat surface for higher speeds.

It is worth noting that this low-cost MERAX FINISS bike, its wheels are made of their own double-layer aluminum alloy rims, and is also equipped with 26-inch Kenda tires. This configuration provides the mountain bike with sufficient traction on off-road surfaces, including rocky terrain. In addition, the bicycle is equipped with a Shimano aluminum lever-controlled mechanical disc brake on the brake system, which breaks the low-cost mountain bike disc brake is a bad idea. Driving the entire bicycle brake process is smooth and easy, do not need excessive pressure.

If you like affordable products, this MERAX FINISS bike easily becomes your best entry-level, low-cost mountain bike.


The above article is my recommendation for mountain bike purchases. I think that: a good saddle with horses. If you have enough money and you have enough hobbies for riding, even if the MTB is very expensive, you deserve to have the best MTB. I hope you can better understand the different price levels of mountain bikes based on what I have introduced.
No matter which bike you ultimately choose, make sure to meet all your needs. If you have something you want to know, please leave a message or contact us, we will answer one by one in the following article.