Best Mountain Bikes Suitable for Women’ Riding

Best Mountain Bikes

If you are a woman who now happens to be looking for a suitable mountain bike, then I believe this article will be able to help you.

For most women’s shopping, “good looks” seems to be the main factor affecting their purchase or not. If it is clothes, trinkets or shoes like, of course does not matter. In exchange for the exercise bike, this light from hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands, and may not often “season” of “expensive” goods, to look good as the main determinant may own pit Myself After all, the bike is not appropriate, the cost of changing the bike may make you pay a lot of money for the price. So, as a female cycling enthusiast, how to avoid detours in the process of buying a bike? Perhaps, you can refer to the following suggestions.

  1. Women’s bike and men’s bike design difference

Because women’s and men’s body structures are not the same, it is not actually comfortable for women to ride small size men’s bikes. Because of this, many brands produce women-specific bicycles based on the body structure of women to adapt their bikes to the physical characteristics of women. So, in principle, women are not recommended to choose a small size of men’s bike.

Difference between men and women mountain bike is still very large, the specific differences are:

  • the frame with the size of the beam will be slightly smaller, more suitable for women.
  • bike beams lower, to facilitate women get on and off.
  • wider cushion more comfortable, corresponding to the female pelvis.
  • frame welded smoother, more beautiful, more vivid color.
  • Narrow the horizontal, because women have a narrow shoulder.
  • curved lever length shorter, suitable for female hair force.
  • put the sleeve more comfortable, not so hard.
  • Giant with a hidden bell.
  • Most women’s bike turns around, more efficient when changing speed.
  • the proportion of women’s frame is not the same as the higher than the horizontal, more suitable for long-distance riding women.

What brands currently have female bike models? Examples include: Liv,Norco,BATTLE,BH,Focus,Wilier,HARO,KHS,MASI,Oyama,Speedone,Trek,UCC,Bondatia,Archive,FUJI,Sundeal,Format,COFIDIS,Langtu,MOTACHIE,TRINX,SCOTT,Winspace et al Brand models are female models.

In view of women’s upper body and lower body ratio is generally smaller than men, women’s hip wider, smaller palms, etc., women’s bicycle design generally have shorter equivalent upper tube and upright, lower upper tube, Narrow handlebar, smaller head tube angle, wider cushion and so on. Some more brands to lower the height of the design, longer wheelbase and other vehicles. The benefits of this design is that the shorter equivalent upper tube and handle, suitable for women’s short upper body, there will be no awkward enough to reach the handlebars, or do not need to lie too hard. The lower tube makes it easier for women to cross the bike. The wider cushion is also suitable for female wider hip bone. Narrow handlebar to fit narrow female shoulder. The lower five-way height and longer wheelbase all contribute to the stability of the bike.

  1. Bicycle appearance and performance, which is more important

Here need to be discussed is “good-looking”, or “easy to use.” This issue is like a female boyfriend, is a very tangled issue, choose a handsome person, or good to yourself. Of course, handsome and good for yourself is the best choice. But if you cannot achieve both?

If you have enough budget, you can skip this, because these do not make any sense to you. If your money is limited then you have to think about it. According to the female consumer heart, often the first time will choose good-looking products, not more suitable for their own things.

Although the appearance of a bike cannot be ignored, when your budget allows you to make a choice between “good looking” and “easy to use,” or suggest that you choose “easy to use.” In fact, bicycles are used to ride, buy bicycle “good looking” as the first choice is causing many people finally looking for “regret medicine” one of the main reasons. When you go out riding a bicycle, throwing a few streets of your companions, or being thrown a few streets by others, you understand the importance of “performance.”

  1. Clearly how much budget do you have

Why you need to be aware of this issue because your budget determines a great deal what bicycles you can buy. This world is absolutely no cheap, good-looking, light, good performance bike, “penny goods” is the business code most of the time together.

If you have limited funds, the high-end international brands should not be taken into consideration. More public than the brand, or many domestic brands, may be able to find the right bike for you. Generally,more popular brands and domestic brands have a higher cost.

With the current prices and sports bike market, if your purchase budget is only 1000 or less, I may advise you to give up buying, or find a commuter bike, because the price of exercise bike more tasteless.

If your budget is between 1000-2000, you can find some introductory recreational vehicles, the performance and all aspects of urban recreation to meet the requirements.

If your budget reaches 2000-3000, you can buy a better entry model, as a leisure ride, there is no problem, can be used for cycling exercise.

If your budget is between 3000-5000, you can find the performance of more suitable models for exercise, this level of the bike quite satisfactory, not too good, but also not worse than that. When your budget reaches more than 5000, you can buy better rides and folding bikes, better performing midrange hard-tailed mountain bikes that can be used on light off-road, or on-board road bikes.

If your budget reaches more than 8,000, then you can buy a good folding bike, high-end recreational vehicles and hard-tail mountain bike, or the introduction of partial road vehicles. When your budget reaches more than 10,000, then you can choose a good hard-tailed mountain bike, and the intermediary road bike. High-end mountain bike, or high-end road vehicles, the price may be more than 20,000.

  1. Ask yourself what is the purpose of cycling

For many women who are starting to get in touch with exercise bikes, many people may not be very clear about why they want to ride a bicycle. As a result, there are times when a bike shop will encounter this situation: a woman who buys a bicycle, or a man who buys a bike for her own mate, usually cannot very clearly answer what bike she wants to buy. If you have not figured out yet, “Why do you ride a bike?” So, personal advice to your money first in the bank to earn interest, so you want to know to go buy a bike. Because without thinking clearly shot, the final may be the following three results:

  1. Actually, you do not like to ride a bike, just drift, ride for a period of time, or even only ride once or twice, a bike at a corner of the house with dust.
  2. You find you love cycling, but you did not pick the right one. You can only sell the bike and buy a bike again.
  3. You find you love cycling, happened to choose the right bike model.

Of course, if you randomly shot, is the third result, then congratulations! However, how high is this probability? It will definitely not be 33.3% of the ideal. Probably a few of the 100 people are good at this outcome.

So, what are the purposes of cycling for most people? Which bikes should be considered?

  1. Commute: The main similar bicycle to buy a dish, do something close, often need to lock the bike parked in the parking shed. The general riding radius of 5 km, up to no more than 20Km. If commuting for the purpose, to the street bike shop, choose a cheap bike on the line. Of course, if you want to make commuting easier, exercise bikes too. However, higher prices of exercise bike commute, if the time to buy food stolen, the whole person is not good.
  2. leisure ride: in the city or suburban leisure and sightseeing riding, which is the final form of most women’s cycling. Rides generally reach 15Km-40Km, or even longer distances, but riding speed will not be too fast.

General attention to comfort, not too heavy bike, choose the appropriate thickness (26-inch 1.5-2.0 thickness, 700C wheel diameter 28C-25C), low-profile fine tooth rolling tires, as well as the flat models can get better Comfortable and light stampede. Suspension system optional, if you need a suspension system, short-stroke front fork tube shock absorption, or 80mm lightweight suspension fork can be. Avoid rear suspension models, although seemingly comfortable, will actually make you ride very hard.

  1. Exercise: high intensity, the riding speed and distance have higher requirements. General riding distance of more than 20Km, the average speed of more than 20Km road, or even faster. Exercise, for women, riding in the formation of the road, can have a better sense of security. Getting started with the hard-tail mountain bike or curved road bike can be, of course, medium or higher configuration better.
  2. Off-road riding: Experience the joy of riding in the wild, generally need better performance mountain bike. Getting Started Female cycling enthusiasts, the general proposal to choose light XC (hard tail, that is, no rear shock) mountain bike, familiar with and practice mountain bike riding skills. If you like late and can adapt to a higher intensity of riding, and then choose the full suspension models. Cross-country riding configuration requirements, Shimano Deore / Sram X5 level and above Kit mountain bike can give you a better riding experience and security, below these levels of transmission system, designed for leisure riding. Brakes, BB5 or BB7 line pulled disc brakes, or hydraulic disc brakes, can give you a better brake experience. It is worth mentioning that, due to the general strength of the fingers of women, hydraulic disc brakes can provide more suitable brake control, especially in the need for a long time when the brake.
  3. Bike Race: This level of female cycling enthusiasts are already high-end cycling groups, generally have good riding skills, if there are no perfect riding skills, is not recommended to participate in the competition.

The women’s mountain race is basically dominated by the XC race in the domestic amateur race. Therefore, it is better to choose the high-configuration, lighter weight hard-tail model and the bikebon fiber frame as the best in the competition mountain bike select. It is not the target group for the women drivers to participate in the international competitions, or professional riders.

Women’s road race, the domestic amateur race, the general 20-50Km short-range competition, and the basic pavement. With the development of competitive road vehicles, the types of road vehicles have become more and more subdivided. However, the classification of male bike models that have not yet reached the level of men’s bike models has not yet been reached in the newly emerging market for female bicycles in China. If you only intend to purchase a bike, then a lighter, more efficient climbing or composite bike would be a better choice, after all, broken windmills average speed of about 30Km little difference. Of course, if you have enough money, you can buy bikes for different uses.

  1. Fully understand your surroundings riding environment

Most primary female riders are mainly based on leisure riding. In the bike selection process, you may need to focus on thinking about your riding around the environment how?

If you are in a mountain town, you have to face dirt roads or steep slopes. Well, a mountain bike with a larger flywheel and a smaller crankset may be your best bet.

If you are in a city, dozens of kilometers radius, or you will not go to the wild off-road. Then a city recreational vehicle, folding bike or road bike, should be in your consideration, and will be a better choice.

Many beginners of female cycling enthusiasts said at the beginning that I wanted my bike to be off-roading and able to ride in the city, causing many people to choose a very heavy resistance mountain bike with a brisk riding experience Lost, finally give up riding. In fact, how many girls will ride to off-road it? Believe that this figure will not exceed 10%, most is riding, and occasionally through some not-so-good road, for most ladies and gentlemen, no matter what type of vehicle will only slowly have passed.

Well, the question is: are you going to choose for this occasionally a few bad roads, choose to ride most of the time are very difficult; or choose to ride most of the time are very easy to encounter a bad way to pass slowly? The answer seems very obvious! Therefore, for most ladies, it is a better choice to choose a lighter recreational vehicle that can ride very lightly on the flat road.

  1. The importance of test cycling

As the female bicycle and the male bicycle have a big difference in the frame geometry, and because the female bike market is still in its infancy in China, it has not formed a mature selection standard. Simple to male body size corresponding to the frame size, applied to the female bike, it is easy to cause errors. And even if the men choose the bike, because each person’s body is tough, the body ratio and other reasons, simply refer to the manufacturer’s height comparison table, it will inevitably appear to choose the wrong size.

Cycling exercise for frame size requirements are higher, too large or too small frame, riding in the long run or high speed, will bring a lot of discomfort. If the conditions can be a test ride, the best advice, or looking for a nearby bike shop, personal experience the size of the bike, and all aspects of performance.

  1. How much time do you have on your bike?

Cycling is a sport that takes more time and, most likely, you go out on a day trip.

If you work overtime every day, you may even have to go to work on Saturdays. It is recommended that you quit your job, or riding is almost your dream.

If you can only choose to ride around the house at night, then you do not need to spend too much money on the bike, choose an affordable entry bike (RV or folding bike) can be. If you have a weekend, or have more time to ride, and your family supports you riding, then you have more choice.

  1. The weight of a bicycle weighs for women

The weight of a bike should be a factor that needs special consideration for women. In particular, women need to bikery the bike upstairs, but should take this as a key consideration, of course, you have a strong male partner, he is also willing to help you go up every day, except for the bike, but you should also consider for him Consider it!

A very light bicycle that can make you feel relaxed when riding a bicycle, a heavy bike that you can ride, but need to waste a lot of physical strength. Within their own budget, can choose a light bike, try to light options, lighter bike, for you, the absolute benefit outweighs the disadvantages.

  1. Choose a suitable wheel set

Cycling the wheel set determines a bike riding one of the most important factors, so the choice of the wheel set, will give you a very good riding experience.

From the bike’s rolling inertia, the larger the wheel diameter, the greater the rolling inertia. This means that the acceleration performance of the wheelset is reduced, but the more difficult it is to roll after rolling, which means that the bike will be brisker after riding. Therefore, in general, under the same tire width, the larger the wheels, the easier it is to ride long distances. The longer the bicycles with smaller wheels will be, the more difficult the ride will be. If you want to ride farther, larger wheel models will be your better choice.

The larger the width of the tire casing, the larger the ground area, the more comfortable the bike, the better the stability and the higher sense of security. This is why many women choose a wider mountain bike that the tire looks like. But wider tires, rolling resistance will be greater, riding will become more difficult. If not off-road riding, 26-inch mountain bike selection of 1.5-2.0 thickness thin fins of the tire makes riding easier; if not race applications, 700C wheel diameter models choose 28C-35C tires can take into account the light, safety and comfort.

In general, the lighter the wheelset ride will be lighter. For women whose leg power is not very large, a lighter wheelset is especially important. When bickering the bike, you need to consider the overall weight of the bike. When cycling, you need to consider the weight of the wheel. For cycling, your bike may not be so light, but your wheel set must be light. The fewer the spokes of the wheelset, the better the material used, the wheelset can be made lighter, of course, the higher the price. For women who are underweight, riding 20 or 24 spokes is sufficient to ensure adequate strength.

  1. Select the appropriate transmission system

At present, the level of bicycle transmission system subdivision is very clear, penny goods, the more high-speed gear kit, ergonomic design more reasonable. However, the variable speed kits, there is not as many bike brands like the same, specializing in the development of women’s exclusive gear kits, only a unified standard kit.

For most women, the quasi-professional gearbox is the best choice. First, the variable speed performance with the high-end kit gap is small, and affordable; Second, the level of the kit has introduced some of the ergonomic design, the feel will be relatively good starter kit, and more effortless again weight will not be overweight, and the whole Design and routing more reasonable and beautiful. Take SHIMANO’s road kits for example. Compared with the 5800 kits for professional positioning, the 4,600 kits of casual grade are the same as the 5800 kits, regardless of alignment, grip feeling, shift feel, speed accuracy, speed change required, or brake feel There are incomparable advantages, the gap is not that simple street.

  1. Buy mountain bike need to pay attention to the details

After reading the above suggestions, you may choose a mountain bike may be more suitable for you. At the time of purchase, you may also need to pay attention to some details. Because most of the needs of women in fact light mountain bike, here mainly introduces the light mountain bike.

Affect vehicle weight and performance are mainly forks and wheels, if conditions permit, choose a pressure fork will make your vehicle weight much lower. Choose a slightly lighter Perlin (bearing) wheel set, will make your ride faster and lighter.

At the beginning of hydraulic disc brakes are very cheap, if you want to use disc brakes, try to choose hydraulic disc brakes, you can get a better brake feel and braking force. Getting started pulling the disc brake, try not to choose, although it seems disc brake, but more prone to problems, might as well choose V brake.

80-100mm stroke fork can, because most women do not participate in high-intensity off-road riding. Forks for larger trips will be heavier, and most of the time you do not have such a big trip. Encounter such a big journey of the road, you may have chosen to get off the promotion. If you want to cross-country, choose a larger particle tread, greater cross-country grip, your safety is absolutely beneficial harmless.

  1. Buying road bike details

The choice of road bike has more demanding requirements than the mountain bike because the road bike has higher requirements for riding posture, inappropriate choices will make your riding become very hard.

First of all, you need to choose the right size frame, if your height is between the size of two size models, choose the frame of small yards. If the frame is a little smaller, you can make up by lengthening the handle, and the bike control will be more stable; too large frame, you almost no make up for the space, because the shortening of the handle will make the frame too flexible.

Try to change the hand in the high-end level, because the lower-order hand variable speed transmission requires greater strength, and the grip is relatively poor, or larger, and no room for adjustment, your hand simply cannot hold. If the budget is limited, before dialing and after dialing does not need too high end, can match the use of hand variable.

Choose a pair of round rounded feet to avoid getting out of the bike, or when scratching your legs.

  1. The details of the optional folding bike

Currently on the market a large number of folding bikes, a few hundred cheaper, expensive thousands of thousands, but these are expensive to make sense. Your folding bike will be better at folding mechanisms, gearboxes, wheelsets and more.

Folding bike purchase, you need to focus on the front riser and frame folding mechanism. Front riser tries to choose one of the 3D riser folded structure, this type of riser will give you a more stable control, and prolonged use is not prone to loosening. Frame folding mechanism is of course the more adequate material, the more robust the link structure, the later the possibility of loosening the lower.


Ibelieve having a perfect bike must be the dream of all female riders. I hope this article in the purchase of bicycle introduction can help you. If you have other areas you want to know, please contact us.