The Guides About How to Maintain Mountain Bikes

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, it is necessary to know some mountain biking skills. Today’s article is about bicycle basic maintenance. Hope this article can help you learn about how to maintain your mountain bikes.

# Getting Started Riders must have 6 big bike tools

Unless you live close to a bicycle repair shop, you still need to have a handful of gadgets available at your home to keep your bike running. For example, to inflate a bike or tighten a screw. Before learning to repair, I think it is more important to learn the basic maintenance of bicycles.

Mountain Bike Maintenance

1.Floor pump

Floor Pump

Even if you did not burst the tires, or pay attention to each cheer before going out to ride. Even if the tire is still stationary state will have slowly deflated in the bonding position. You better be able to bring your own home floor pump (mini pump does not really power) to ensure that the car when the tire pressure is normal.

Going out to cheer has become my habit. A good pump will have a barometer showing the barometric pressure, preferably with a suggested sign to tell you how much gas your road, mountain bike, and commuter car should hit each other. If you find that there is no recommended tire pressure, To this number.

  1. Chain oil

Chain Oil

Although the use of chain oil is very simple, but when using the chain of oil need to pay attention to the following points.

First, the chain maintenance time:

  1. Cycling performance reduced.
  2. The chain above the dust or sludge too much.
  3. The transmission system produces noise during operation.
  4. As the chain is dry, a giggle sound is generated when pedaling.

Put in a long time after the rain.

  1. When traveling on a normal road surface, maintain it at least once every two weeks or every 200 kilometers.
  2. In off-road conditions, at least every 100 kilometers to be cleaned and maintained once. Even riding in a more hostile environment requires cleaning every time you ride.

Second, the proposed cleaning method:

a, hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, take an abandoned toothbrush or a little hard brush can brush water directly scrub, cleaning effect is not very good, and need to dry after cleaning, otherwise it will rust.

b, special chain cleaning agent, are generally imported products, cleaning effect is good, and the lubrication effect is also very good, professional car sales, but the price is more expensive, Taobao also sold, the economic base is better riders can consider.

c, metal powder, find a larger container, take a spoon with boiling water to open, remove the chain on the water with a little hard brush to clean.

Third, the chain of lubrication:

After each cleaning, wiping or cleaning the chain with solvent, be sure to add the lubricating oil, and add the lubricating oil to ensure that the chain is dry. First of all, lubricating oil penetrate the chain bearing parts, and then wait until the change sticky or dry. This will actually lubricate the part of the chain that is easily worn (both sides of the joint). A good lubricant, which initially feels like water, is easy to penetrate, but over time it can become sticky or dry and can act as a lasting lubricant.

  1. Tire rod

Tire Rod

With the wheelbarrow, you’ll be able to break the tires by hand easily.

The use of pry bar is very simple, first with the tire bar inserted into the gap between the tire and the rim and the car slowly warp up, and then use the tire grind bar eye tire bar tilt tire gap insert and maintain the raised tire Move, then unplug the tire bar and just pry open next to the tire about 15 cm again inserted into the gap between the tire and rims and Alice, this time being the edge of the tire should be raised about 15 cm a hole , Then hold the lever with one hand and the other hand with the Grilled Tire stick to the depth just before insertion, pushing the rest of the tire away. With a wheelbarrow, you can easily solve this problem if there is something wrong with the bike’s tire and no way to get it repaired.

  1. Allen wrench

Allen Wrench

Allen wrench, almost fanatic bike enthusiast’s must-haves.

Allen wrench also called Allen wrench. Common English names are “Allen key (or Allen wrench)” and “Hex key” (or Hex

wrench). The wrench in the name means “twist” and it represents the most important difference between an Allen wrench and other common tools (such as a flat-blade screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver) by applying a force on the screw through the torque, Greatly reduce the user’s strength. It can be said that in the bicycle involved in the installation and repair tools, Allen wrench is absolutely both common and best use.

You can buy it from a professional bike shop or online store, or you can go to a hardware store to buy it. The quality is generally good, and you can use it to install other furniture in your home, even if you do not have to repair your bike. If you are very enthusiastic about riding, do not forget to buy the following dimensions: size1.5, size2, size3, size4, size5, size6, size8, size10 mm, because once you have these dimensions Hexagon Wrenches, you are essentially invincible on bike maintenance and repair.

  1. Star wrench

Star Wrench

Bicycle has a star screw; this screw maintenance and repair is often encountered during bicycle use. Therefore, we also need to use the star wrench in the routine maintenance and repair of bicycles, because only this star screw can handle it.

The disc brakes are basically screws of this type. Campagnolo is also heavily used in the latest kit, which is also available in the SRAM XX kit and FSA crankset screws. Start with three models (T-10, T-25, T-30) is enough for your use. Also say that there is a combination of Park Tool (who make the best of the tools), at the same time there are three or more models.

  1. Multi-function tool

Multi-function tool

Go out cycling with a handheld treasure, multi-purpose tool to save you in your worst time. Like the Raytheon RAP 13, this tool has a total of eight sizes of hex and wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, a chain cutter, and a spoke wrench.


The contents of the above article are my introduction to the necessary tools for bicycle maintenance and repair, I hope for your help. Do you have any of these six tools? What tools do you usually carry with you? If you have any better tool suggestions, I hope you can leave a message to tell us.