Types of the Best Bikes You need to Know

Best Bikes

If you are looking for a new bike, then this article is undoubtedly what you need. Buying a bike that suits you needs to take into account your riding purpose, riding style, and riding skills. Because you need to choose the best bike that suits your body type, budget, and experience, only by taking these factors into full consideration can you really have a good bike. So, what are you looking for a what style of bike it?

How to choose a suitable bike?

Bicycles have the following categories: mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, Time Trial bicycles, Touring bicycles, Downhill bikes or Folding bicycles. For the majority of riders, find the bike size that suits yourselves, can enjoy comfortable riding experience, then, how to determine the correct bike size for you?

  1. Bicycle classification introduced

# Road bicycle

Road bicycle for vehicles used on smooth road surfaces, the design of road vehicles is more of a high-speed design due to the lower resistance to smooth road surface. It is common to use down-bend handles that reduce wind resistance, narrower high-pressure and low-resistance Tires, high gear, and the wheel diameter than the average mountaineering SUV are large, because the frame and accessories do not need to be strengthened like a mountain bike, so often lighter weight, high efficiency when riding on the road. As the frame does not need to strengthen and often use simple and efficient diamond design, the road bike is the most beautiful bike.

# Time Trial bicycle

Triathlon / Time Trial bicycle One of the most prominent features of road biking, triathlon and time trial used in triathlon and time trial sports is the use of hauling airflow, which means that players must pass themselves completely So as to overcome the air resistance without having to ride behind other competitors, the three race / time trial bike is designed so that the player maintains a reduced air resistance riding posture while paying attention to reducing the bicycle’s own air resistance. Triathlon bikes also allow riders to use muscle groups that are close to those used when running, thus making it easier to switch from cycling to running.

# Mountain bike

Mountain bikes originated in 1977 in San Francisco. Designed for riding in the mountains, there is usually a gear changeable effort or fast gear, some with a shock absorber mounted on the frame, and some of the tire treads are chocolate patterned to ride on unpaved surfaces. Mountain bike parts are typically in English units. Rim of 24/26/29 inches, tire size is generally 1.0-2.5 inches. Frame size is also expressed in imperial units, such as 14 “, 17”, 19 “to indicate the frame size.

# Downhill bike

Downhill bike, also known as mountain bike. English abbreviation DH. It is a very challenging activity. Riders use specially made DH bicycles to glide on the hillsides and even craters to seek excitement. Activities and more in ridges, mines, snow and other zones. Austrians use DH to create a world record of 210.4KM / H. Downhill bike frame angle and mountain bike are different; parts and mountain bike are the same as English units. Helmet, armor and other equipment must be worn for this activity. Front fork shock absorption than the mountain bike and XC bike longer. Tire width is generally more than 2 inches.

# Touring bicycle

Touring bicycle developed from road bikes for ultra-long-distance self-sufficient travel, more comfortable and relaxed frame geometry, weight, low lowest gear, wider tires, the pursuit of reliable and durable parts and accessories Not too focused on weight reduction, often with MTB pedals.

# Folding bicycle

Folding bicycle is designed for easy carrying and loading into the car, while in some areas public transport such as railroads and airplanes allows passengers to carry collapsible and bagged bicycles.

2.Bicycle type comparison

Large PK models: road bike mountain bike and folding bike which one is better

Road bike, or mountain bike? When choosing a bike, it is difficult to choose and suffer from the “choice of disease”? How to choose a suitable bike?

The so-called “to play its part, do their duty” Each bike has its strengths and shortcomings in the choice of bicycle is more dependent on our “taste”, riding environment, riding distance Is a factor when choosing.

The following will teach you how to choose your own mount:

  • Road bikes: “Light fast” is synonymous with road vehicles, but also make it the preferred pavement road surface speed, large wheel diameter, narrow tires so that it has a very low road resistance, to provide a higher road speed, it also reduced its grip and was extremely vulnerable to “traps” such as sidewalks and vertical drains.

As the owner, in addition to the thieves love them, so that the vehicle is not conducive to park storage, almost no bickering capacity, riding a more aggressive position, less comfortable, only suitable for sports, competitions.

Advantages: light weight, high speed

Disadvantages: posture is more radical (more lie), through the lower, do not have the bickering capacity

  • Mountain Bike: Mountain Bike, as the name suggests is for the bumpy mountain forest road.

Disc brakes, coarse teeth, high strength, as well as full-suspension models, so that more riders to find adequate riding confidence, mountain bike on the mountain of various technologies are targeted R & D, if riders your “Ambition” is not on the trail of the country. Choosing other types of bicycles may be more appropriate. Mountain biking on paved roads not only disturbs the feet, but also heavily paid technology.

Advantages: powerful braking force, through sex, with off-road performance, can pass through the mountain forest Road

Disadvantages: bike weight, flat road tire performance is very slow, low speed

How to choose your own road bike or mountain bike depends on yourself. For example, I am in the center of a radius of 20 miles all the roads, do not choose a mountain bike it? So, I chose the road bike, after all, travel nine times on the road around the circle.

  • Folding bike: Folding is a big advantage, whether in the room or in a variety of vehicles; The disadvantage is that you cannot choose frame size, frame size can only be different according to different models to choose from, the speed Much less like a mountain bike with a road bike.

3.Price classification

Bicycle prices vary greatly, from a few hundred yuan to more than ten million have; buy a car should focus on their needs, the most suitable for their own, is the best car! After all, everyone’s values ​​and economic ability are different, You do not need to buy expensive bicycles that you cannot afford to compare with others, and even some people are reluctant to ride out the door or buy expensive or unidentified cars on the Internet, Buy, in addition to test riding, after-sale maintenance services are more secure.


Modern people can be attracted to spend leisure entertainment is too diversified, spend some money to catch up with the cyclists, this level of car can travel with you like the same mountain, but you have to be able to point clearly, the heart is the vision Dazzling full suspension car, or hard working single suspension car. No matter what you want to assemble, be sure to assemble at a large car shop or club, and their reputation and after-sales service can save you from worries.


This section of the car models have entered the stage of the level of standardization, full suspension car also began to play its due off-road * function, a single is more into the race entry level entry level competition, as long as you have enough physical strength, Your car can provide you not only to meet the sightseeing tour, the quality of its parts and vehicles has been able to withstand the rigors of the race, and your bike because of the various parts of the texture upgrade, and it seems full posture.


If your first car is the price, then you will get two satisfaction, the first is more than you “dish” or friends who do not know the car will be reported to praise you with an eye, especially when they Know your bike even more expensive than a sheep, there will only be a reflection of polarization, one is to carefully study your car, one that you are crazy, but no matter what kind of reflection, you cannot help but have a few points Satisfaction. The second satisfaction is that the quality and performance of the vehicle must be above the standard. As long as you take the time to learn the knowledge of proper maintenance, you will find that this is a once and for all effort that can save you a lot of time and money during the promotion process.

d.$1500 above

Are you sure you are the first to buy a bike for leisure? Either you are as expensive as a high-income elite, or you are the perfectionist pursuit of perfectionist; suggest that you have to carefully choose the riding route, step by step to enhance the riding skills, more importantly, to be sustained, and regularly Refer to our advice, and soon you will be as good as the car, into the field of experts.

4.How to choose the frame

Pick the right frame size. Each person’s length, length, hand length is not the same. However, most of today’s frame can adjust the seat back and forth, level, hand near and far, for some minor adjustments to meet their most suitable riding position. Select the correct size with the height, and then “fine-tune” the seat or faucet, handle, to adapt to the length of the personal hand and foot is the most correct, and the selection of unsuitable frame, and then “replace” the seat or faucet, handle to comply with the individual Height and length of the hands and feet is the ultimate goal. Some people choose to single-foot frame length is wrong. For example, a person with a 180cm short legs, feet long 75cm, according to that argument will choose a 16-inch frame. However, the short leg relative to the body must be long, in line with his feet but cannot meet his upper body, want to fine-tuning no way. So be sure to pick the right frame height, only fine-tuning of space.

The mass production of the road frame by the label and model vary, generally stand length cm or mm (stand c-t length cm divided by 2.54 converted into inch frame size). If the frame is marked as 450 is representative in mm (millimeter), divided by 2.54 = 177, which is 17.7 inches. Suitable for about 177cm people to use. If marked as 45 is representative in cm (cm), divided by 2.54 = 17.7 17.7-inch frame, the same meaning, but the labeling unit is different.

Mountain bike frame production size according to the brand and model are also different, usually expressed in inches. Every 0.5 for a size (metric size also marked). Such as 14 -14.5 -15 -15.5 -16 -16.5 -17 -17.5 -18 -18.5 -19 -19.5 -20 -21 and so on, within the allowable range and then according to personal ratio test ride, pick the most relaxed body rider as good. Select the right frame, and then again if there is discomfort to adjust the seat, handle or faucet, in order to achieve the best riding ratio. Moreover, in the midst of a wave of lightening weight, choosing an oversized frame size in vain to increase the weight of the frame and reduce the control flexibility is not a wise choice.

Frame as the skeleton of the bike, to determine the maximum extent, affecting the correctness and comfort riding position. Frame material from the earliest chromium-molybdenum steel, evolved to aluminum alloy, and then the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber, and other scandium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, the industry continued to develop new formulations of materials to enhance the ability of pipe and structural design and innovative processing technology, just to make the frame lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more streamlined and beautiful. Density is one of the key factors that determine the weight of the frame, the lower the density, the lighter the frame, the density of chromium-molybdenum steel is 7.9, the aluminum alloy is 2.6-2.9, titanium 4.5, titanium alloy 4.3-5.1, carbon fiber complex Material 1.6, magnesium alloy 1.7, we can see that the highest density chromium molybdenum steel, carbon fiber composite materials the lowest. However, in addition to the weight of the frame, but also consider the tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, so although the density is low, but not enough strength is not enough. At present, there are several kinds of materials that can make bicycle frame: steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber and so on. Generally, there are steel frame, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber. Scandium alloy and magnesium alloy is the latest emerging materials, relatively rare.

  • Mountain bike size standards

1) 26-inch models

Frame size / height

15.5 “/ 16” 155cm-170cm

17 “/ 18” 170cm-180cm

19 “/19.5” 180cm-190cm

21 “/21.5” 190cm or more

2) 27.5-inch models

Frame size / height

15 “/15.5” 160cm-170cm

17.5 “/ 18” 170cm-180cm

19 “180cm-190cm

21 “190cm above

3) 29-inch models

Frame size / height

15.5 “165cm-175cm

17 “175cm-185cm

19 “185cm-195cm

21 “195cm above

Note: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, 29 inches refers to the mountain bike wheel size, the table in the “frame size” refers to the tube size.

  • Road bike size standards

Frame size corresponds to height

a 650c x 420 mm 150 cm-165 cm

b 700c x 440 mm 160 cm-165 cm

c 700c x 460 mm 165 cm-170 cm

d 700c x 480 mm 170 cm-175 cm

e 700c x 490 mm 175 cm-180 cm

f 700c x 520 mm 180 cm-190 cm

Note: 700C refers to the size of the road wheel diameter, the table in the “frame size” refers to the tube size.

  • Full suspension bike size standards

Frame size corresponds to height

a 26 x 16.5 “165 cm-175 cm

b 26 x 17 “175 cm-180 cm

c 26 x 18 “180 cm-185 cm

  • leisure folding bike

Frame size / corresponding height

1 20 x 14 “160 cm-175 cm

2 20 x 14.5 “165 cm-175 cm

3 20 x 18.5 “165 cm-180 cm

  • leisure city bikes

Frame size /corresponds to height

1 700c x 440 mm 160 cm-170 cm

2 700c x 480 mm 170 cm-180 cm

Part of the budget to stay out to buy equipment

5.Bicycle safety gear

Safety gear Bicycle safety equipment is not many types, but they must be life-saving things.

Helmets: Bicycle helmets have no doubt about the protection of the rider’s life. According to the report of the American Highway Safety Insurance Study, 98% of the bicycle deaths in the United States in 1999 were not covered with helmets, while wearing helmets in crash accidents reduced their risk of serious head injury by 85%. With the increase of hard asphalt and stone roads, there are also more head injuries while riding bicycles. Cycling helmets are essential for cyclists as they provide protection to the fragile head.

Night riding equipment: night riding may be the best choice for commuting riders, more and more people choose to relax in the cool night riding a day of intense tension. Night riding has more potential dangers than daytime riding. The first is that sight (including the sight of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers) receives a great deal of influence. Therefore, it is essential to improve the rider’s sight and safety reminders to pedestrians and drivers. Here are a variety of lamps, including car headlights (to enhance the range of riders to remind pedestrians across the street), taillights (to remind pedestrians behind the vehicle), where everyone called the lighting do not use too exaggerated flashing frequency.


In addition to the helmets highlighted above, gloves and riding pants are two great equipment to ease the pressure of riding, the magic headband can be used to protect the sun, harness belt to prevent the pants are pulled into the chain and the crankset, taillights Can be prompted behind the bike in front of the vehicle, these are things that individuals think necessary.